Mu Legend: Craft Items And Traverse Scenic Landscapes In Game

In Mu Legend, you will come across classes such as Whisperer, Dark Lord, War Mage and Emphasizer. When you are fighting with a large number of enemies, craft items and traverse scenic landscapes. Taking advantage of the chosen Unreal Engine 3, MU Legend steps away from the Mu Online slightly, in favor of using an isometric camera.

The official website revealed the renaming of the game from Mu 2 to Mu Legend back in 2015, which was followed up in late 2016 by launching its first closed beta test, having been in development since 2009, which had already been held back for five years previously. Further details regarding Mu Legend are yet to be provided, head to here:

As know, Mu Legend articulates its gameplay around missions and dungeons PvE, in addition to “several PvP modes” Still detailed to date. Mu Legend is expected to offer four playable classes, the Dark Lord, a heavy fighter, The War Mage, a caster, The Whisperer, a remote attacking archer, The Blader, specialized in the handling of the blades.

The Mu Legend is particularly popular around the world, Mu Legend is an MMOARPG, that ‘s to say that it has introduced many elements Hack n Slash in its gameplay, it differs from Eloa and Devilian by the fact that it is darker / bloody and therefore a Little more mature. Now, the best chance to buy cheap Mu Legend Zen at U4GM.


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