Mu Legend Spectacular Animation Skills And Fighting

Simply put, Mu Legend is literally the Korean version of Diablo 3. The combat is really slick and is much better than Devilian. That looks like some pretty crazy end game content. Check out more latest content or get useful guidance:

Until now, Mu Legend has released for a several months, we can see the land, group fight and solo, and other elements of the game and more. The most impressive are the spectacular animation skills and dynamic fighting. However, there are voices that are sure to not be exaggerated with effects and flashes.

What We Already Know About Mu Legend
Isometric view
Epic dungeons
Different PvP modes
Unreal Engine 3 engine
Pre-cult worship MU Online
Very dynamic combat system
For casual players and hardcore players
Different levels of difficulty of dungeons and missions
Some MU Online content will return to MU Legend
4 Playable characters (Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, War Mage)

Mu Legend is a MMORPG with isometric perspective look, following the same premise of games like “Lineage Eternal” and “Lost Ark” where players face hordes of monsters. U4GM is specialized in selling cheap Mu Legend Zen and other gameplay coins, it has long-term experience and humanized service, credible and trustworthy.


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