Mu Legend & The First Artwork For The Fifth Class

Mu Legend have four playable classes, until now, Webzen has already revealed the first artwork for the fifth class, which is currently in the preparation. To be honest, this class is a sexy female mage of sorts and we can predict plenty of purple orbs being cast at the enemies. U4GM will keep looking for any updates on this new class, read more at U4GM.

On the other hand, Whisperer is a brand-new class inspired by Fairy Elf, an original class of Mu Online. Whisperer is a class that specializes in ranged attacks, freely adjusting the distance and position between player and the enemy at high speed.

War Mageis a wizard-type class, featuring its powerful long-range attacks against the surrounding enemies. Blader is a classic warrior class withdevastating melee attacks,using a close range weapon like a sword.

Amongst four playable classes, Dark Lord is a class revamped original class of Mu Online. Dark Load, the commander of the Dark, has a good stamina and defensive stat, carrying out both a tank and a damage dealer.

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