1. I. The Global OBT Of Mu Legend Will Be Available In Six Languages

  2. II. Mu Legend: Players Will Have Various Different Systems To Enjoy

  3. III. Mu Legend Takes Place In A Shard-based Mini-MMOG World

  4. IV. Mu Legend Has A Core Stat: Combat Power

  5. V. Mu Legend Has Fluid Animations And Beautiful Graphics

  6. VI. Mu Legend: Rifts As Well As Level-Specific Zones

  7. VII. Mu Legend Spectacular Animation Skills And Fighting

  8. VIII. Mu Legend Gamers Can Fully Orient Their Adventure

  9. IX. Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Showing Some New Abilities

  10. X. Final Fantasy XIV Gamers Will Get Satisfied Services At U4GM

  11. XI. Mu Legend Is Based On Unreal Engine 3 And Shares Features

  12. XII. Mu Legend: Craft Items And Traverse Scenic Landscapes In Game

  13. XIII. The Development Of Mu Legend Will Be Devoted To The Fine-tuning

  14. XIV. Webzen Has Prepared Cosplay Of Main Characters In Mu Legend

  15. XV. Mu Legend Beginner Are Sure To Know These Guides

  16. XVI. Mu Legend Zen: U4GM Is Worth Your Trust

  17. XVII. U4GM: Cheap Mu Legend Zen With 100% Security

  18. XVIII. A Best Way To Get Your MU Legend Zen Like Access U4GM

  19. XIX. Mu Legend: Let's Explore The Masterfully Crafted World

  20. XX. Mu Legend Takes The Form Of A Hack And Slash MMO

  21. XXI. U4GM Has A Higher Standard Than Other Mu Legend Zen Suppliers

  22. XXII. Mu Legend: Diverse Selection Of Character And Customization Options

  23. XXIII. Mu Legend Give Gamers Deep And Unforgettable Impression

  24. XXIV. Mu Legend Have Quite Eye-catching With The Effect

  25. XXV. Mu Legend & The First Artwork For The Fifth Class

  26. XXVI. Endless Conflict Between Different Races In Mu Legend

  27. XXVII. Developing More New Content For The Mu Legend

  28. XXVIII. Mu Legend Players Can Select Races For Their Character Class

  29. XXIX. Mu Legend: Based On Action-oriented Style That Reduces Passiveness

  30. XXX. Mu Legend Reappeared The Sensations That Players Received From Mu Online

  31. XXXI. Mu Legend: Gain Humongous Advantage And Unlimited Experience

  32. XXXII. How To Distinguish Both MU Legend And Revelation Online

  33. XXXIII. MU Legend Characters Class Emphasizer And Guild War System

  34. XXXIV. The Global OBT In MU Legend Has Been Decided With Two Key Aspects

  35. XXXV. The Development Team Continues To Work On The Improvement Of MU Legend

  36. XXXVI. The International Version Of MU Legend Will Enter The OBT Stage

  37. XXXVII. MU Legend: Well Combat System And The Level Cap

  38. XXXVIII. MU Legend Become One Of The Most Interesting Looking Games For ARPG Lovers

  39. Appendix